Our color palette


With our refining process, we attach great importance to apply thin coats of paint as possible. This allows the wood to vibrate freely, while it provides sufficient protection. Through proper polishing, the surface maintains the shine and brilliance that bring our top woods and colors to their best advantage. For those who prefer a vintage look, this can be treated in various stages of aging. Our necks have primarily a satin finish to protect the wood from moisture. Generally, we offer our guitars with glossy, satin or matte finishes. Customized paint on request.







TV Yellow


Vintage White


Mint Green


Sky Blue


Racing Green


Seafoam Green


Limousine Black


Flame Red





Campari Orange


Gold Top


Lime Green


Persian Sand


Pelham Green


Turino Blue


Brust & Transparent





Honey Burst


Tobacco Burst


Tea Burst


Green Burst


Fire Burst


Dark Brown


Black Burst





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