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The wood is in addition to the construction responsible for the sound of the instrument. Well, it depends on how we combine different types of wood in one instrument. Below you will get an overview of our wood types and their characteristics. We are happy to advise you on the choice of wood. Other types of wood can be ordered on request.








Mahogany is a classic wood, which is often used for the body and neck. The sound has excellent sustain, warm and balanced, with subtle highs and singing overtones. Because of its impressive sound, it is very popular among rock players.

Swamp Ash


Swamp ash is very resonant and provides an excellent balance between highs, mids and lows with punchy sound. This lightweight wood is very popular among country, blues, rock and metal players.



Alder is rich in mids and bass, and is the preferred wood for blues and rock players. It is often used for guitar bodies, because of its light weight and its full warm sound.



In 1958, Gibson produced some Korina wood explorers, which are now among the most sought-after guitars on the vintage market. Korina is similar to mahogany, but sounds a bit more airy and dynamic.



Basswood is light in color, light in weight and almost no grain. It is very well suited for solid colors or as a base for tops. Basswood body have a rich, balanced and smooth sound. Suitable for rock and metal.



We use a very special poplar quality in our guitars. Although it is considered rather low quality wood, we have an excelent quality with outstanding sound characteristics. Due to their very fine structure, it has a very precise attack with crisp sound.




Flamed Maple


Quilted Maple


Spalted Maple











European Montain Maple


The transparent, clear sound of maple, with its enriched fine treble and bass as well as strong mids, is a very popular material in instrument making. Thanks to its strength, Maple is an excellent choice for necks and fingerboards.

Flamde Maple


Flamed maple has a similar tone as normal maple. The characteristic flame that arises as a beautiful drawing perpendicular to grain, seem to move when you hold it in the light. With staining technique, the effect can be enhanced even more. It is used for necks and tops.

Quilted Maple


Quilted maple is a further version of the maple family. Tonally very similar to the normal maple. The striking pattern is ideal for staining. Thus, it is a real eye catcher for body tops.

Birds Eye Maple


In tone, similar to the normal maple, bird's eye maple has a very unique appearance. Its pattern reflects timeless elegance and is mostly used for necks.



As for the body, mahogany is the perfect wood for the neck. The sound has excellent sustain, warm and balanced, with subtle highs and singing overtones.

Pau Ferro


Pau Ferro a fine grained hardwood from South America, which has a similar sound, such as rosewood and is harder and somewhat lighter in color. Through his percussive attack, excellent clarity, a fat low-end and a distinctive high-end sparkle, it is particularly well suited for high gain styles such as rock and metal.




European Montain Maple






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